We ensure that all our personnel, whether managerial or operational, subscribe and adhere to unparalleled ethical standards and professional codes of conduct.

All Destination Events personnel are dedicated to keeping our clients safe and fulfilling their every request as part of their daily duties.


Our personnel are licensed professionals in their perspective functions as required by Dominican law in compliance with all national laws and regulations .


Client privacy, safety and confidentiality are the key foundations upon which this company has been built.

These principles are NEVER compromised. We value the trust you put in us and need you to know we are always there but discreet so you have 100% privacy.

Your unseen Guardian Angels.


Destination Events continuously review and amend these principles and standards to reflect any changes in the climate and environment.

Rest assured we are constantly aware of all current events both domestic and International and make all necessary adjustments to ensure a secure visit with maximum enjoyment for all clients.